The Fish Club is a small local fishing family & group of friends based in Pontian. Our roots can be traced back many generation here. Even as of today our family still lives in a traditional stilt house!



The reason why our seafood is the best, is that our fishing boats are generally smaller. Each fishing trip is less than 36 hours generally, compared to other places, fishing trips are as long as 2 weeks to a month. 

Six days a week, starting from 8am, the fishing jetty comes to life with fishermen from fishing trip offloading their catch, from small fry to humongous snappers.




Transferring, processing and occasionally chaffering, the hasty activities are brought to Pontian's Wet Market, where fish lovers swarm into, bringing vitality to the market. 




Food is essential to life, so make it good.




We are committed to bringing real food at affordable prices - because we believe seafood should be accessible and affordable.