Anxin Kampung Chicken (No Growth Hormones) / 安心甘榜鸡 (无激素)


与法国Sasso集团合作选拔, 培育出不含长肉剂, 不含抗生素及美昧的鸡种, 让消费者有更好的选择。 买得开心,吃得安心。


  • No Growth Hormones
  • Free from Antibiotic Residues

GG French Poulet

The GG French Poulet is not like any other chickens that you can find in Singapore. Sourced from France and air flown to Malaysia where they are reared, they are perhaps the finest chicken products that you can source for locally, and it is endorsed and used by top restaurants like Baroque, Corner House, Restaurant Andre, Gunthers, Waku Ghin, Jamie’s Italian, Imperial Treasure and the list goes on. At Corner house, its been served as a signature dish.

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