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  1. 自家渔船捕获的#深海红脚大虾 500克! XXL 超大的哦!
  2. 笨珍驰名的#白鲳鱼 一对 2×225克 – 品质又高又稳,吃鱼七分鲜就是这个了!
  3. 笨珍必吃的#海养红鱼 – 1公斤全鱼(我们精心挑选的鱼笼喂的是小鱼的,所以品质超高!)
  4. 笨珍#海养金鲳 一对 – 2×500克(渔家精选,肉厚多汁哦!)


This year, we introduce a super taster package for our seafood-loving families!

  1. Wild King Prawns XXL 500g caught by our own fishing boats!
  2. Famous Wild White Pomfrets 2x225g – consistent quality, taste great no matter how you cook!
  3. Whole Red Snapper Sea-Raised 1KG – it looks super great on your dining table
  4. Golden Pompano 2x500g – juicy and niceeeeee!


#NoPreservatives #OwnFishingBoats #MoneyBackGuarantee #年年有鱼

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