Spotted Spanish Mackerel (Tenggiri) / 斑点马鲛

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  • Tail part are often included as it is too small to be cut into steak, nonetheless the total weight will still be the same.
  • 由于尾段太小不适合切块,有时会加入尾段,但不会影响总重量。

Spotted.Mackerel, the most commonly found Mackerel, it is firm and brown, and once it is cooked, it becomes white-cream.

Having the strongest flavour among all S.Mackerel, “Spotted” (Tapan) has become the most popular type of S.Mackerel among Pontian’s folks, and also Johor Bahru, best served in fish porridge!

马鲛” 是笨珍最常见的一种。煮后肉变成奶白色,简单的油炸就很鲜甜可口。

大板” 是马鲛类里,口味最浓厚的,也是笨珍人最喜欢的,是鱼粥最佳的首选鱼肉。


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