Wild Seawater-Cooked Prawns / 深海熟虾盒 (1KG)


一样是 #野生 的本地深海虾,一上船🚢在最新鲜时就直接以最天然的海水煮的9分熟,当场包装然后冰冻,锁定新鲜度以及天然甜味,很多渔夫都是这个吃法哦!

As soon as the prawns are out of the water, on the ship, 🚢 the prawns are cooked with natural sea water to 90%, and then packed and frozen immediately to lock down the freshness! In fact that is how fishermen enjoy their catch when they are out in the sea!

As the high heat kills bacteria, it is more natural than using preservatives and is able to maintain better the original quality. Cooking shrimp with natural seawater also further enhance the taste of the prawns!

When it comes to preparation, feel free to just lightly boil it, use it as part of the hotpot, lightly fry it, or just put them into a microwave. In minutes, you will be able to enjoy the natural delicacy that only a fisherman can enjoy.

Again, prices will continuously go up, so please place your order as soon as possible!

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  • Wild Caught
  • Size 30 – 40 pieces per Kg
  • Origin : Sabah
  • Cooked with Seawater

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