CNY Seafood Box A 七星报喜海鲜盒

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  1. 自家渔船捕获的#深海红脚大虾 500克! XXL 超大的哦!
  2. 笨珍驰名的#白鲳鱼 或 #斗鲳鱼 一对 2x (200~300)克 – 品质又高又稳,吃鱼七分鲜就是这个了!
  3. 笨珍必吃的#海养红鱼 – 800g ~1kg 全鱼(我们精心挑选的鱼笼喂的是小鱼的,所以品质超高!)
  4. 笨珍#海养金鲳 一对 – 2x (400~600)克(渔家精选,肉厚多汁哦!)
  5. 笨珍#海养红枣 – 800g ~1kg 全鱼(我们精心挑选的鱼笼喂的是小鱼的,所以品质超高!)
  6. 笨珍#海养石斑 – 800g ~ 1kg 全鱼(滑嫩嫩的白肉)
  7. 日本寿司级带子 – 300g (约100粒丰满的宝贝)


This year, we introduce a super taster package for our seafood-loving families!

  1. Wild King Prawns XXL 500g caught by our own fishing boats!
  2. Famous Wild White Pomfrets / Chinese Pomfret 2 x (200~300g) – consistent quality, taste great no matter how you cook!
  3. Whole Red Snapper Sea-Raised 800g~1kg – it looks super great on your dining table
  4. Golden Pompano 2x (400~600g) – juicy and niceeeeee!
  5. Whole Golden Snapper Sea-Raised 800g~1kg – Another Mandarin Favourite for festive!
  6. Whole Spotted Grouper Sea-Rased 800g~1kg – Flaky tender white meat
  7. Japanese Scallops – 300g (around 100pcs of awesomeness)

To ensure freshness, we do not keep stocks for long. We catch out fish fresh, then pre-freeze them for you, instead of keeping them in the freezer for months. Therefore, inevitably we may have not enough fish for certain items. We will replace them with items of higher value in that situation. Thanks for your understanding.

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