Fresh Salmon Atlantic (Sashimi Grade) / 三文鱼(大西洋)

Sashimi Grade Norwegian Salmon Atlantic ✔Free Cutting/ Vacuum Packed ✔Salmon Atltantic is Different from Trout ✔Salmon will be delivered Frozen.Weight loss is around (8-10%) after gutting/scaling, so net weight is 4kg ~ 4.2kg 100% preservative free ——————————– 挪威三文鱼 寻觅久违的新鲜!寿司等级! *挪威产地,原装进口 ✔免费处理,免费真空包装 ✔毛重计算。去内脏,去鳞后少10-12%。(例:4.6kg 毛重 = 4kg~4.2kg 准重)

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