Spotted Sicklefish / 曹喜 / Daun Baru

If you love tender texture with a light buttery taste, you’ll love this pretty-looking fish. Recommended for cooking with bean paste sauce or asam pedas, yummm!
柔软顺口的肉质 + 淡淡奶油香,好看又好吃!推荐烹煮豆瓣酱 / 辣味亚参,非常美味!

  • Wild Caught from Pontian / 笨珍野生捕获
  • 100% Preservatives Free / 绝无防腐

*Gutting & Scaling reduces gross weight by 15%, e.g. 1000g → 850g.
*经过去除鳞片及内脏后,重量减少约15%, 例:1000g → 850g.

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