Squids / 苏东 / Sotong – 500g


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Known for their fresh delightful taste & bouncy texture, these Pontian wild-caught squids will leave you wanting more!

  • Wild Caught from Pontian / 笨珍野生捕获
  • 100% Preservatives Free / 绝无防腐
  • Various sizes available (fewer pcs in a pack, large squid sizes) / 各种大小,任君选择(较少只的包装,鱿鱼较大)
  • Also known as / 台湾人称作 “透抽 / 中卷”

*The colour of the squids may appear to be darker due to squid ink, which is not only edible, but also healthy and widely used in dishes such as pasta, pealla, risotto and soup in Italy & Spain.

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