White Pomfret / 白昌 / Bawal Putih


  • Wild caught from Pontian
  • 100% preservative free
  • 1200g Twin Pack (2x600g)
  • 1000g Twin Pack (2x500g)
  • 800g Twin Pack (2x400g)
  • 650g Twin Pack (2x330g)
  • 550g Twin Pack (2x280g)
  • 450g Twin Pack (2x230g)
  • 350g Twin Pack (2x175g)
  • 500g Mini (3-5pcs)

*(Gutting & Scaling reduces gross weight by 12-15%, eg 800g to 690g)

*(已去鳞,去内脏,清洗好。约减少12-15%的内脏重量, eg 800g to 690g)


White Pomfret is the best seller generally due to its fine texture and unique flavor. White pomfrets are usually steamed with light soy-sauce and other simple basic materials, so that its special flavor is not overpowered.

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