Wild King Prawns (Super Premium Cast Net) / 野生放网红脚大虾 / Udang Liar 300g


  • 放网大虾(少过6个小时捕获回程),比起”拖网”更加优质
  • Cast Net Fishing (Less Than 6 hours Return trip) Better Quality than Trawler Catches
  • 100% preservative free
  • wild caught
  • Origin: Pontian

A pack of 300g should consist of:

M    (11-15 pieces)
L     (8-10 pieces)
XL   (6-7 pieces)
XXL (2-5 pieces)

你会发现野生大蝦的质量很好,味道更自然。在蝦頭里幾乎沒有(如果有的話)泥的,它不像在市場上常見的池塘养殖的大虾! 现在就马上尝试最多汁的大虾吧:)

Being wild prawns, you will find that the textures are much bouncier and the taste is much more natural. There will be little (if at all) collection of mud in the prawn heads, unlike the pond-farmed king prawns commonly seen in the markets! – try the most succulent & juicy wild king prawns today! =)

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